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Pea gravel, or sometimes referred to as pea pebbles, is small gravel that has many purposes.

When buying pea gravel by the ton, people often use it for underlayment on a concrete driveway. This helps level out the area to be covered by cement with a small layer of gravel helping the concrete stay in place.

Pea gravel is also popular with dog owners, or areas to be used by the dogs, such as a dog run or other play area. It does well-allowing urine to pass through but allows you to easily scoop up other dog remnants. A typical dog run might require a ton of pea gravel.

Our local store has plenty in stock for any of your landscaping needs.

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Pea Gravel is spec’d at 3/8″ and can be used in many different settings.

It is most commonly used to mix into concrete and therefore has no definitive color other than concrete gray.

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3 reviews for Pea Gravel

  1. M. Kohl

    M. Kohl (verified owner)

    High quality, consistent, and durable pea gravel! I recently used this gravel in a client’s landscaping project for walkways and between garden beds. My team and the clients couldn’t be happier with the result. Beautiful color and size. Five stars!

  2. B. Kerr

    B. Kerr (verified owner)

    This pea gravel works great for the bottom of fountains, it looks better than having a plain cement floor. We were also able to use it on the garden floor which looked great and matched what was in the fountain. The quality of this pea gravel is undeniable and was perfect for our landscaping project. Exactly what we were looking for!

  3. D. Price

    D. Price

    Friendly, fast, and careful loading. A wonderful place for your needs

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