Frequently Asked Questions

What material goes under Synthetic Grass/Artificial Turf?

White Chat, this material is a decomposed limestone that aids in compaction and leveling.

Are you open to the public?

Yes! Customers are welcome to stop by and view our samples and display area anytime during normal business hours, no appointment is needed.

What is the turnaround for deliveries?

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver “next day” but of course there are always exceptions. It is always best to order at least a few days ahead to ensure your desired delivery date, but we will do our best to work with you and get your materials to you as soon as possible!

How do I know how much material I need?

Material coverage is based on the size of the material you are looking for. We’ve created an awesome tool to help you with this under the description of the material called the “Tonnage Calculator”. As always, if you’re still stuck feel free to give us a call and we can quickly help you out over the phone or in-person here at the yard!

How is turf sold?

Turf is sold per square foot. The rolls are 15 feet long and we can cut your desired length.

What materials are used when laying down Turf?

There are several materials that are recommended in each step of turf installation.

The first thing you’ll need is white chat, which serves as a base layer for leveling and compacting. Then you’ll lay the turf and stretch to the desired position.

Once in position, you will use our 5” Turf Nails to nail the turf into the ground.

If you have seams you may need seam tape and/or glue.

Once you’ve secured the turf into the installation location, you’ll need to rake in #16 grit silica sand to help aid in turf quality and odor control.

Do you carry Pavers?

Yes! We carry the entire Las Vegas Pavers selection and select pavers from Pavestone/KeyStone Hardscapes, all of which are offered through our website.

Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver to the entire Las Vegas, NV Valley. Delivery fees are based on location and material. You can set your delivery location on checkout and fees are calculated automatically, or you can always call for more detailed information on your specific location!

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, Delivery fees are based on location and material. Call for more detailed information on your specific location!

Can I get an estimate/quote?

Of course! The best way to get an estimate is to call or email our office and speak with one of our office staff. After only a few short questions you’ll be able to have all of your questions answered!

How does the material get delivered?

All of our material is delivered as loose gravel which is dropped in the street in front of your house by a dump truck. None of our rock, sand or gravel is bagged.

Do you install the material?

No, unfortunately we are just a supplier. You can contact a licensed landscaping contractor for installation questions and prices.