Boulders and Flagstone

At Bedrock Landscape Supply, we carry a large variety of boulders and flagstone to meet any landscaping need. From very large boulders for retaining walls or decorative placements to flagstones for walkways or yard decor, we can help you get the right stone for the right place.

Rocks and boulders complete your landscape. Choose from a wide array of rocks, boulders, and flagstone.

One of nature’s most durable action rocks, cut flagstone conveys an authentic splendor that won’t discolor with time. They are best for exterior kitchen area countertops as well as fireplaces. With this functional product, you can create pathways, walkways, patio areas, and more.

The closely packed edges of natural flagstone indicate it has fantastic drainage compared to solid products like concrete. It is very resilient and also slip-resistant. If a flagstone ever splits, it is normally very easy to replace. Try that with concrete!

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