Turf & Sod

Is having your own patch of grass a life goal of yours? Our turf and sod options can help you accomplish just that! Whether you’re going traditional with our sod, or trying out turf grass, having a grassy spot in your landscaping project can really brighten up a yard. Whether turf or sod is your desire, we can help get the solution you’re looking for.

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  • Synthetic Turf

    Synthetic Turf

    $27.00$54.00 per 1' x 15' cut from roll
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  • Los Vegas Sod Provider


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  • Turf Nails – 5″

    Turf Nails – 5″

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  • Turf Glue

    Turf Glue

    $10.00 Tube
  • Seam Tape – Turf

    Seam Tape – Turf

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