Fire Pit Kit

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A crackling, flickering fire doesn’t just create a campfire romance in summer: since ancient times, people have liked to gather around an open fire, as it promises warmth and protection. That’s why a campfire does not only light up mild summer nights but also extends the garden and barbecue season by a few weeks. In front of such a source of heat, staying in the garden until late can even be comfortable in autumn and spring.

However, building a proper fire pit yourself can prove to be quite the challenge if you don’t have the appropriate tools and materials. This is precisely what our Fire Pit Kit provides you with. The kit is available for both a squared fire pit, as well as a rounded one.

The Fire Pit Kit comes in our six different colors variants Black, Mirage, Sahara, Tropicana, Stardust, and Tuscany. Every single stone is entirely fireproof to ensure it doesn’t crack under the intense heat of your bonfire. Within a day, you’ll be able to gather your family and friends and enjoy the warmth and comfort of a lovely campfire in your own garden.

*Price includes a pallet deposit fee. If you return the pallet, a $13 credit will be applied to your account towards a future purchase.


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