City Stone Demi Combo

$337.50 / pallet

One pallet covers 103sq ft.

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City Stone Demi 3pc Combo Dimensions :

4″W x 8″L

8″W x 8″L

8″W x 12″L

A full pallet carries 240 pieces, equivalent to 103 square feet.

The CityStone series shares a common architectural look in which texture is defined by the joint pattern. CityStone’s generous chamfers control lippage even in challenging large-format / non-planar installations, and units are available in a range of paver heights to suit a variety of traffic conditions and base preparations.

  • Pedestrian applications
  • Made of durable concrete with iron oxide pigments that will resist fading with extended UV exposure.
  • Smooth surfaces and classical chamfers define each stone to create texture and visual structure with timeless appeal
  • Designed to be installed in an efficient repeating runner or ashlar pattern, with equal numbers of 1/2, square, and 3/2 stones

*Price includes a pallet deposit fee. If you return the pallet, a $13 credit will be applied to your account towards a future purchase.

**If looking for less than a pallet please call us at 702-638-1112


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