Terms and Conditions

The undersigned notifies you that he/she has supplied materials or performed work or services as follows:

LANDSCAPE MATERIALS (ROCK, SAND, GRAVEL, BOULDERS, ETC.) for improvement of real property identified as shown abover under contract with Bedrock Landscape Suppy, LLC. This is not a notice that the undersigned has not been or does not expect to be paid, but a notice required by law that the undersigned may, at a future date, claim a lien as provided by law against the property if the undersigned is not paid.

Consistency in color texture, as with all natural products, conforms to the axiom that “no two things are exactly alike.” Stone of the same color class will have a blending of color as well as texture and cleft, and some variations will always occur. It is this variance that gives the stone its unique personality and natural beauty.

We make deliveries in front of the lot at customer’s risk only and accept no responsibility whatsoever for damages resulting from such deliveries.

We have a NO RETURN policy. Thank you for your understanding and compliance with our terms.